Monday, 4 May 2009

A guide to the wall in Baku: 'Sexual Revolution' or 'Death to Israel'?

*via Frontline Club

Well, not as historic as the Berlin wall, but still interesting one with graffiti across all spectra of political scale. Slogans vary from "Sexual Revolution" and "Our Fatherland is USSR" to "Death to Israel" and "F@#$ Bush!". With an English guide by the members of local OL! movement!.


artmika said...

I liked his approach of telling the stories via graffiti.

Mamikon said...

miss him:)
Adnan is a really interesting guy and very active in Azerbaijan

artmika said...

...and here is the link to his report on an Armenian church in Baku:

Anonymous said...

Adnan is very popular in YT;-)
He also put his 2 cents in our "democracy" video:

I didn't know u guys knew him, I was trying to find the place at Onnik's blog to show Adnan about Azeri,Armenian,Georgian bloggers meet up, but now I guess he might have seen it...
it is nice to see we are able to communicate;-)
His videos are always interesting, even if I don't agree with all lol

Anonymous said...

Here are the links to stories about you guys on OL's blog:

artmika said...

RFE/RL linked today to this story:

Baku's Graffiti

Onnik Krikorian said...

Oh, they used one of my photos on the OL blog (of the women burying the red apple) but, ahem, didn't credit me. I will have words... ;-)

Anyway, didn't know they covered youth and gender issues in Armenia as well. Make me more impressed with the organization, to be honest.