Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Rats become 'Dish of the Day' in South-East Asia

ITN reports:

Soaring meat prices in Asia mean many households are serving up rat as a tasty alternative to pork.

Heavy rainfall in the Mekong Delta has sent the rodents scurrying from their holes into the traps of Cambodian villagers, who are exporting them by the tonne to Vietnam.

More than 35 tonnes of rat meat is now said to be crossing the border every day.

"Just my family alone exports one tonne or around 700 to 800 kilogrammes to Vietnam," said rat meat trader Te Lah.

Rat meat was eaten regularly in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s and, when the price of other meat soared last year, poorer households reverted back to it.

Live rats, some as large as piglets, are selling for around $1 (66p) per kilo and dead ones - used for feeding crocodiles in Vietnam - for $0.37 (24p) per kilo.

Cambodians eat them sir-fried, grilled or in soups and rat is increasingly becoming a common dish at home for many in the rural areas.

"Rats can be cooked as Tom Yam, various types of soup, fried with lemon grass or just fried like this," said Cambodian farmer Chan Pheakdey Ratha.

"It is delicious and I eat them almost everyday," said Tuy Kimchheng.


Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Organic meat at less than 50 cents/lb. Sounds like a good deal. And to think that here in the "civilized" US people pay $4/lb for meat saturated with hormones and antibiotics, and given a complementary feces massage...

nazarian said...

A few years back I saw a documentary about some rural area in Southern India where the villagers hunted field rats for meals. I don't see a problem using free range field rats for meals as long as they are vegetarians. I would have a problem, though, eating a rat from the cities where their diet is mainly garbage.

But I have seen cows grazing on garbage in Armenia and they were milked and their flesh was eaten so I'm not so sure what the health consequences are.

Next time I'm in the region I'll try to see if I can snack on grilled rat meat.

Haik said...
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Haik said...

Rat fricassee served in flypoo sauce.