Thursday, 19 November 2009

Armenian Genocide themed film at Kurdish Film Festival in London

21 November 2009, Birkbeck Cinema, London
Director: Nicolas Tackian
France / 2009 / 60mins/ French with English Subtitles / PG
Cast: Jacques HERLIN, Virgile BRAMLY, Alexandra BIENVENU, Jacky NERCESSIAN, Anne SUAREZ

6th London Kurdish Film Festival takes place 20-30 November at various venues in London. Within the programme of the festival, there is also this new (2009) award winning Armenian Genocide themed film “Azad” (made in France; written and directed by Nicolas Tackian). It will be shown at the Birkbeck Cinema this Saturday 21 November at 3pm.

Mayak is a young Armenian man and part of the underground cartoon world. He dedicates himself to creating a graphic novel: 'Azad' (which means freedom both in Armenian and Kurdish), a project that looks back to 1915 when his grandfather tried to escape the Armenian genocide. He puts together this project by listening to his grandfather’s memories and it becomes a chance for him to get back in touch with his roots and build a better relationship with his family. However when Mina, a young Kurdish girl enters his life, he is forced to question his beliefs. Mayak convinces himself that she is denying the memory of the Armenian people and accusing the Kurds for also taking part in the Armenian genocide. This leads to a crisis of identity. (LKFF)
Named for the Armenian term for liberty, ‘Azad’ concerns a grandfather’s recollection of the genocide of 1915 to his illustrator grandson, Mayak. Set in Paris, it manages to be light-hearted, yet sombre, dealing with Mayak’s discovery of his roots and reconnection with his family. However, when Mina, a Kurdish woman moves in, Mayak is forced to question his own identity. (by Sabrina Bangladesh, Time Out London)


artmika said...

Watched the film. Recommend it.

Sabbotage said...

Hey! Thanks for including my review :) my friend just found this on your blog. I really enjoyed the film too, thought it was most excellent. The combination of illustration and live action was fantastic.


artmika said...

Hi Sabrina,
Good to hear from you. And thanks for the review. Very helpful, indeed.