Saturday, 21 November 2009

Junior Eurovision 2009: The Netherlands won, Armenia did pretty good - No. 2-3

Was watching Junior Eurovision live on their official website. That was such a mistake. Well, I did not have much of the choice, really, as I am in London now, and they do not show it here. Commentators at Junior Eurovision website were so annoying. They were speaking, making their comments during children’s performance (!). For example, when Armenia entry was performing, they started interviewing Serbian children; then camera failed to show Luara’s actual performance on stage, but rather other parts of the auditorium under the accompaniment of her voice. How ridiculous. And this happened not only during Armenia entry but most of the other entries too. Anyway.

There were 2 Armenians in this year's Junior Eurovision: Luara Hayrapetyan from Armenia and Andranik Alexanyan from Ukraine.

Just watched some of the performances on YouTube (as I said above, the online broadcast I was following was horrible).

Luara is such a cool girl. I am not a big fan of that particular song (song-wise I preferred Ukraine one) but Luara did really a great job performance-wise. I quite liked the Netherlands (the winner), Belgium and Russia too.

Oh, and I loved "Bari ereko, Hayastan" greeting at the very start of Junior Eurovision. Sounded cute :)

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artmika said...

Actually, there was a confusion as to which place Armenia on. At first they said No. 3, then No. 2 (because overall points were equal for Armenia and Russia). Now official scoreboard shows No.2 for both Armenia and Russia. Amended my blog post title accordingly.