Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Armenian Taverna, Manchester, UK

Who knew that in the very heart of Manchester (Albert square) there is a restaurant called The Armenian Taverna.

The menu is more Middle Eastern than what we would consider Armenian in Republic of Armenia. There were some amusing food names there too, like “dabagadz tzugnik” :) Food was tasty. Price-wise, it’s of middle range (not very cheap, not very expensive). Environment and design are very-very retro, hardly ever changed since its establishment. I felt like I was immersed into a place of decades ago. But it was kind of cute and different.

As I learned, The Armenian Taverna was founded in mid-20th century by two Armenian brothers. Currently, it’s owned by its former employee, an Armenian from Turkey (if I remember right). He was friendly and chatty guy. He loves Yerevan, and recently bought a flat there. He was constantly repeating that Armenia has a big potential but lacking human resources. I might be wrong but assume he was referring to people leaving Armenia, and Armenia not making enough efforts to attract them back, or others for that matter.

Their website is at


Haik said...

Tried to dine there a couple of times 4-6 years ago during different trips to Man. It was closed during specified opening hours.
Once it was opened but the owner didn't want to serve. He talked to us from the darkness of the restaurant, we didnt even see his face.
Last time I was in Man during X-mas time, it was open but after reading the menu decided to and eat a German wurst in the X-mas market held near townhall. I guess it was the combination of the menu (e.g. how they would be able to make proper khorovats in a basement of a downtown building) and the previouse experience.
I guess will give another shot next time I am in Man.

artmika said...

Really? That's weird. I suppose it also depends on whether it's weekend or weekday. When I was there couple of days ago, it was a week day, and it was almost empty, but I've been told it's becoming quite packed during weekends (Fri/Sat), also during cooler months, as over summer people tend to prefer outside seating areas.

I did not try khorovats but I do not expect it would be the way we have it in Armenia. Again, the menu is more Middle Eastern.

Please, do share your experience when you finally manage to go there. Would be interesting to know.

Haik said...

I reread the menu in the website. It is utterly confusing. Probably that was one other reason why I didn't enter last time.
Will give a shot next time. and share the experience.

artmika said...

Spotted: Armenian cookery book at Lebanese restaurant in London