Monday, 21 June 2010

Azerbaijan activist severly beaten by Baku police officer. Same guy was interrogated by authorities last year when voted for Armenia at Eurovision

Further to the info I posted earlier: "Fuck Oil": say it and get detained in Baku, Azerbaijan, it was emerged today that well known Azeri activist Rovshan Nasirli was severely beaten by a senior police officer.
Further reports indicate that at least one protester was beaten severely by a senior Baku police official. Rovshan Nasirli, a well-known activist, was allegedly roughed up by Lieutenant General Yashar Aliyev, who placed Nasirli under arrest. Witnesses report that police officers at the station where Naasirli was taken say that they “found narcotics” in his possession. It is unclear whether this is the same Rovshan Nasirli who was interrogated by Azerbaijani authorities last year when he voted for the Armenian entry in the 2009 Eurovision song contest, something that was reported world-wide.
I got confirmation today that he is indeed the same guy who was interrogated last year by Azerbaijani authorities when voted for Armenia at Eurovision.

Here is what RFE/RL reported back then:
Rovshan Nasirli, a young Eurovision fan living in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, says he was summoned this week to the country's National Security Ministry -- to explain why he had voted for Armenia during this year's competition in May.

"They wanted an explanation for why I voted for Armenia. They said it was a matter of national security,” Nasirli said. “They were trying to put psychological pressure on me, saying things like, 'You have no sense of ethnic pride. How come you voted for Armenia?' They made me write out an explanation, and then they let me go."

A total of 43 Azeris voted for the Armenian duo Inga and Anush, and their song, "Jan-Jan."

Nasirli, like others, used his mobile phone to send a text message expressing his preference, little imagining his vote would eventually result in a summons from national security officials. (By contrast, 1,065 Armenians voted for the Azerbaijani team, apparently without consequence.)
*picture - via Foreign Policy Blogs

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