Sunday, 20 June 2010

"Fuck Oil": say it and get detained in Baku, Azerbaijan

Two words that say it all. “Fuck Oil”. Say it, and as per reports from Baku, you are guaranteed at least 10 days of administrative arrest.

His name is Rashadat Akhundov (pictured), and he was among youth group that took part in the protest today in Baku. There were about 300-350 protesters there, representatives of various opposition groups. Rashadat himself used to be a member of OL! Youth Movement, but left. He is no longer part of any youth/political organisation. Young activists decided to hold posters that read: "ILHAM - RESIGN" and "FUCK OIL". (you may see pictures of posters in making here) They were demanding "freedom of assembly and transparent parliamentary elections this fall".

80 people in total were detained: 61 of them were kept in Sabail District Police station; the rest were driven to Gobustan. [Most of the detained were later released. However, four people got 10 days, one person - 15 days of imprisonment. Six people were fined 20 AZN.]

During the protest youth activists managed to run away from the police, however Rashadat was among people waiting outside the Sabail District Police Station for news on the 61 detainees kept there. One of the policemen recognised Rashadat and detained him too. He then got sentenced to 10 days in prison.

*many thanks to my Azeri friends for the info provided.

**picture - via @ljmaximus, via