Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Arcade Fire rock band + Google Chrome interactive video project “The Wilderness Downtown”. Yerevan experience

The Independent: "On August 30, rock band Arcade Fire, together with Google and artist Chris Milk, launched an interactive video set to the band's track "We Used to Wait." Called "The Wilderness Downtown," the online project makes use of Google Maps and Google Street View to incorporate images of the viewer's hometown into the video. Viewers begin the experience by providing their childhood address. The video experience then unfolds in multiple windows, taking viewers on a tour of their hometown to the tune of the Arcade Fire track. Users can also write a note to their younger selves in a tree branch-inspired font that is incorporated into the video. "The Wilderness Downtown" is optimized for Google Chrome and should also run on any browser that supports HTML5."

It worked great with my London address. Unfortunately, when I tried submitting Yerevan or more specific addresses in Armenia, the following notice came up: “Your address doesn't contain enough Street-View and/or Google Maps data to 100% enjoy this experience.”

Still, you may click this link to see The Wilderness Downtown project’s Yerevan experience:,+Armenia

Or go to the website and try playing with addresses and cities yourself.

You will have a chance to make postcards too. I did not have much time and made a simple one but from my heart :)

For more info about the project, visit Overall, pretty fun experience. Enjoy!


Rhiannon said...

I did it too - it also said there wasn't enough information to completely enjoy the experience, but I did it anyway and I couldn't see any real difference between that and when I tried my London address. As long as the address appears on Street view it should work (my Canadian address does appear on streetview).

artmika said...

When I tried my London address, I could actually see my street and house. But in Yerevan, there are no enough streetview pics.