Monday, 20 September 2010

A message from Serj: New solo album by Serj Tankian - "Imperfect Harmonies" - to be released 21 September

Serj Tankian announced today that his new solo album - "Imperfect Harmonies" - will be released tomorrow, 21 September. Interestingly, with a nice coincidence (I am not sure if Serj chose this date intentionally), on 21 September Armenia celebrates its Independence Day which is one of my favourite holidays.

Below are two music videos from the upcoming album and a message from Serj.

Borders Are

Left Of Centre

A message from Serj:

Ahoy Friends, Fiends and Friars :

I am extremely excited to announce the release of my new solo record, "Imperfect Harmonies" on Tues Sept 21st.

It represents a whole new sound, one that is a result of my musical experiences starting from System, to my 1st solo record Elect the Dead, to the orchestral Elect the Dead Symphony, to the present. It is an adventurous departure, some may say, from what I'm known for. Maybe it is.

But if there are any whom I consider as adventurous musical fiends as I, it is you, the friends and fans of System Of A Down.

After all, when System released our self-titled debut in 1997, it is you who understood us, not radio, not MTV, and certainly not the music industry.

Check out the link below to listen to some music and watch a couple of videos from 'Imperfect Harmonies':

If you like what you hear, come join me later today at 7PM PST at where we'll be doing a live video/audio stream of the whole 'Imperfect Harmonies' album from the studio where the live orchestra was recorded. I'll be doing a live video chat after the album playback is finished and answer some questions from all of you.

Thanks for listening.


*picture - via Serj Tankian's blog


Observer said...

In a joint statement released a while ago with ANCA and AYF, Serzh Tankian had announced, that the release of his new album will specifically coincide with Armenia's Independence Day and will include a song in Armenian. I've written about it while back ago:

artmika said...

WOW. Thanks. Nice. I only read the first part of that statement re Genocide and somehow missed the rest.