Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Historical record: Armenia tops group rank in EURO 2012 qualifying

I am putting this screenshot from the UEFA website for historical record. For me, to remember that even if for a short while, Armenia topped the group rank in EURO 2012 qualifying, after stunning victory over Andorra 4:0. Also, to hope that may be one day this will become a steady reality.

Are we witnessing the revival of Armenian football? I may only hope so.

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artmika said...

I am so glad I recorded this. I knew things will most certainly change in few hours after Russia vs FYROM and Ireland vs Slovakia games.

So, here we are. As of 12/10/2010 21:23 CET, Armenia is on 3rd place sharing 7 points with Ireland and Slovakia. Still, pretty OK outcome. And this will remain as such until March 2011 when new round for EURO 2010 qualifying starts.

artmika said...

Follow-up: Armenia crushed Macedonia 4:1 in a perfect display of team spirit at Euro 2012 qualifier