Friday, 7 October 2011

Armenia crushed Macedonia 4:1 in a perfect display of team spirit at Euro 2012 qualifier

*pictures - by PanARMENIAN Photo

After a decade of post-Soviet malaise, Armenia national team started showing up a type of professional and exciting football that I love.

Below are pictures of 5 players of the day. But the real heroes of the day - Armenia national team as a whole. See their faces here.

And if there was a contest for 'comment of the day', the prize would go to a friend of mine Sylvie K. who commented under my Facebook status:
“this makes me believe in miracles - that we CAN succeed in a TEAM sport...not just in CHESS”.
And perhaps the most hilarious tweet of the day (AM) ;))
Աղջիկ լինեի, կամ գեյ, էսօր մեր սաղ թիմին կտայի


artmika said...

Next stop is Ireland, and if things go the way I want to, it might be a dream come true for me, as for the very first time Armenia will pass through the qualifying matches and play in Euro 2012. Fingers crossed!!

artmika said...

Very relevant from 1 year ago: Historical record: Armenia tops group rank in EURO 2012 qualifying

artmika said...

It was ‘The Hand Factor’ that didn’t allow our team to progress with 2:1 defeat to Ireland. British media was unanimous in their headlines of “helping hand” to describe referee blunder that helped the Irish win. Ironically, Ireland filed a formal complaint re France having been caught in reverse similar circumstances in past... Two years ago the French player Thierry Henry used an arm to help end Ireland’s World Cup dream.

In any case, I have to say, I am impressed with Armenia players. We have a very different professional football team now with a potential for success.