Saturday, 19 February 2011

Vahram Petrosyan: witch-hunt

I did not even know this guy - Vahram Petrosyan - before this whole ‘story’ erupted (e.g.), and am not fan of his music (or any ‘klkloc’-like music), to say the least. But I cannot stand this witch-hunt, a targeted campaign by some media outlets (e.g. Shant TV) and others (using as a basis an edited script), and attempts at labeling people as and hunting for ‘enemy of nation’. If you do not agree with someone, just say it, without resorting to hate. Where this recent resurgence of ‘bloodthirstiness’ came from?

(here is one of the relatively recent examples I reflected on this blog too)

For this reason, I am posting this video and clarifications by Vahram Petrosyan (AM): “Վահրամ Պետրոսյանի ասուլիսը առանց մոնտաժի”

The funny thing is this guy is not even a rebel or indie or alternative, he is part of the mainstream Armenian pop scene (!).


Katy said...

Wtf? Political scientists talk like that?

artmika said...

I'd say "political scientist"...

Onnik Krikorian said...

More idiocy from PanArmenian.Net:

"Composer Robert Amirkhanyan is confident that an educated person will never tell about “love for Azerbaijani music.” “Christian and Muslim tunes are completely different."

artmika said...

Cheap propaganda piece and totally ridiculous.