Saturday, 10 September 2011

Yerevan Diaries: night people, sex and rock... and losers

Instead of editorial

One of the reasons why I like Yerevan at night is because all those սուտի նամուսով Armenian men and women, boys and girls are at home, sitting in front of their computers or TVs and judging others’ life OR back to sleep after yet another sex-less day. Because they are afraid of night. Night has different rules (or no rules). Rules for those who enjoy living.

Because in reality they [“սուտի նամուսով”] would love to do what others - who they judge - do with their lives, but they are afraid or fail at doing so. In fact, what they NORMALLY do would be considered much-much worse according to the same books or dogmas they use to judge others. They quite enjoy it. Then, they return to their ‘perfect’ lives, back home, and continue living... not their lives, but others’. Continue living lies.

And, yes, they are very bad at sex. They have close to “0” sex skills. And they are jealous of those, who are good at it. They want to kill ‘em.

There are two very different Yerevan: day-time and night-time. I suppose, it's obvious which one I prefer.

That’s why I absolutely loved my night outs in Yerevan. And I loved the rock concert at Liberty sq (Opera) as part of Summer Music Festival.

“Take me downtown
Take me underground” -

crowd was singing along with the Danish rock group.

That was quite a change from usual rabiz or cheap pop happenings going on there (latest example). The atmosphere was electric, free, good weird.

For a moment, I felt like Yerevan turned into one of the European capitals. I was in an alternative reality in Yerevan. The reality I prefer and will choose for instead. The rest is for losers.


Doc said...

Sometimes I wish I would've experienced the Yerevan nights more often while I was still there.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you, Mika jan. And in fact this post of yours kinda sorta reminds me of a post I wrote a while back called "Ode to Yerevan Nights" :)

artmika said...

Thanks for such a great reminder, a perfect fit. That's one of my fave posts of yours!!