Sunday, 4 March 2012

Beware: zombies and Hitler lookalikes invaded downtown Yerevan

*Liberty sq, downtown Yerevan, 4 March 2012 (picture by Sergey Sargsyan)

...And this group “Hayots Artsivner” [‘Armenian Eagles’] is headed by deputy minister of sport and youth affairs Khachik Asryan. Disgusting is an understatement. Unacceptable and shameful for government official is an understatement. Shouldn’t be surprising though, taking into account that ruling Republican party is favouring such ideology: Exposed: racism and 'blood purity' part of ideology of Armenia ruling Republican party? [interestingly, website of the Republican party is not working as of now]

They - plus other neo-nazi groups, like Mek Azg etc. - look and sound more like clowns, and it’s hard, very hard to take them seriously.

However... We may laugh as long and as hard as we wish, but suddenly we may wake up with these people invading Armenia for real. Then, there will be a no laughing matter.


Doc said...

What the flying f***. And yet we have hopes that things would get better in Armenia? Not with those kind of people around. I get the feeling that one step forward is always met with ten backwards.

MMK said...

Hope such "leaders" will disappear from Armenia FO-RE-VER and let us live in a peace!