Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Re: Armenia PM’s “Rock Association”

I like that Armenia PM Tigran Sargsyan loves rock music. I like that he blogs about it. But “Rock Association”? Rock should be free, if it is rock, and not a court rock. Rock should not be part of “association” with the head of government, regardless of PM’s - however good or honest - intentions. Meeting with rockers over drinks or something, listening music, discussing stuff... THAT I would understand and quite like to see. But seating on a stage, on a very different level than the rockers seat (picture below, via 517design), this is a big NO. Also, the ‘dress-code’ of quite a few of the rockers in the audience doesn’t not provide with much reasons for optimism (not to mention that I spotted one particular musician there). This is not rock. This is rock-control.


Onnik Krikorian said...

I'd also like to know which rock bands and musicians attended. Any idea?

For sure I suspect that no real rock 'n roll rebels would turn up at a prime ministerial hosted meeting, no matter how real or genuine he is in his like of such music.

Incidentally, there's a rock bar in Yerevan. Even gathering around a few tables with some beer would have made more sense, but anyway...

Ankakh_Hayastan said...

It's the soviet mentality. It's present in every aspect of the Armenian life. Why not rock?

The palace rockers will embrace it. the real musicians will not give a $hit.

Anonymous said...

"Palace rockers", so typical for the rock bar mentioned above.

artmika said...

Could you elaborate, Anonymous?

Onnik Krikorian said...

Anonymous, yeah, elaborate. Meanwhile, what are you saying? That a prime ministerial meeting in a stuffy hall embraces the spirit of rock 'n roll?

Anyway, haven't seen a clarification of which bands were present, but one supposes it was the pro-government ones (some are actually related to Sargsyan), while others kept away.

Well, free country (um... kind of ;) ) so anyone can do what they like. However, I don't take this seriously at all, but it will be tragic if rock music goes the way of pop music here.

That is, if you want success, you have to support the incumbent government. Of course, Sargsyan is genuine in his love of rock music, but even when in the CBA his "rock the dram" concerts made me raise an eyebrow.

Just doesn't seem "rock 'n roll" while a rock festival genuinely against corruption and protest songs against inequality in society does.