Sunday, 10 February 2013

Putin, St Nicholas (S. Nicola) and Italian city Bari (travel diaries)

The sight of fake Louis Vuitton bags and other DIY-like versions of famous brands, like glasses, put on sale right in the middle of the streets was surprising.

When I saw Terranova store, it reminded me of Yerevan.

You could spot laundry hanging out on the balconies everywhere, even above and around religious places or symbols.

But the most unusual was to come across... Putin's message attached to the wall of Basilica of Saint Nicholas (Basilica di San Nicola), outside in the square.

In this message, Putin greets Bari and announces Russia’s gift - a statue of St Nicholas (one of the most popular saints in Russian Orthodox church) [picture on the left] to the city that holds part of his relics.

But the sight of St Nicholas statue inside the church with the pile of money notes under his feet was disturbing even for non-religious person, like me, and indicative of the state the church turned into: business enterprise.

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