Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Council of Europe Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg Human Rights Report on Armenia


I. Introduction
II. National system for human rights protection

1. Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman)
2. Civil society
3. National Assembly Committee on Human Rights and Public Affairs

III. Administration of justice

1. Status of judges and their independence
2. Auxiliaries of Justice
3. The right to a fair trial
a) Access to justice and transparency of legal process
b) Execution of judgments
4. Reform of the Prosecutor’s Office

IV. Law enforcement

1. Reform of law enforcement and public monitoring
2. Police arrest and detention
3. Police ill-treatment and torture

V. Penitentiary system

1. General observations: “SIZOs”, colonies and prisons
2. Premises, conditions of detention
3. Medical treatment
4. Ill-treatment and torture
5. Women and juvenile in detention

VI. Social issues and vulnerable groups

1. General Observations
2. Victims of 1988 earthquake
3. Asylum seekers, refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and missing persons
a) Asylum seekers and refugees
b) Refugees and IDPs resulting from the Nagorno-Karabakh conlict
c) Missing persons
4. Problems related to expropriation
5. Persons with disabilities
6. Elderly people
7. Women’s rights and domestic violence
8. Children’s rights
9. Trafficking in human beings

VII. Fundamental freedoms

1. Freedom of expression
a) Right to information and pluralism of opinions
b) Defamation and attacks against journalists
2. Freedom of assembly

VIII. Discrimination

1. Ethnic minorities
2. Freedom of religion

IX. Military and civilian service

X. Recommendations

National system for human rights protection
Administration of justice
Law enforcement
Penitentiary system
Social issues and vulnerable groups
Fundamental freedoms
Military and civilian service

Full report is available here

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