Saturday, 12 April 2008

Russian girls support Vladimir Putin with pants

We all know that Armenian authorities like mimicking Russian...

Below is the latest trend from Russia.

Patriotic Putin panties_Telegraph

The patriotic ‘Putin Panties’

Vova I am with you_pants_Newsrufashion_Newsru

By Adrian Blomfield (Telegraph)

Russian girls wanting to appear both patriotic and seductive have been handed the ultimate weapon - underwear paying tribute to Vladimir Putin by a Kremlin-linked fashion designer.

Antonia Shapovalova, 20, a commissar in the pro-Kremlin youth movement Nashi, says her underwear will help tackle Russia's shrinking population by encouraging girls to have more babies.
The ribboned red-and-white knickers are emblazoned with the words "Vova, I'm with you" - a term of affection for Putin.
Experts say the main cause of the population crisis is the number of Russians drinking themselves to death and question whether donning a pair of "Putin Panties" will alleviate the problem.

Miss Shapovalova has also created T-shirts, with the biggest seller proclaiming "Government Health Warning: Reproduction is good for your health".

But although president-elect Dmitry Medvedev, a Putin supporter, has bought a T-shirt - he has not gone so far as to purchase the pants.

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Ani said...

Okay, I'll be first: If "Vova" is serious then he should make house calls ;)

As for Armenia, somehow, putting Serzh on the underwear isn't gonna help (ugh!!!!!)

nazarian said...

There is something Hitlerian about that Nashi. They freak me out each time I see them. It's something you get when you blend together political pornography and nazi propaganda.