Saturday, 12 July 2008

PM Tigran Sargsyan: 'Armenian soldiers should have the opportunity to study, including use of computers'

Armenian army soldiers should not be separated from the public life, and the first task in this respect is to establish necessary conditions allowing soldiers to continue with their studies, believes prime minister Tigran Sargsyan (ARKA).

"In two years they must return to civilian life and be able to get into universities; that’s why together with the defence minister, we set the task to create conditions so that every soldier in the service had the opportunity to study, including use of computers", PM Sargsyan says. According to him, this will decrease the gap between school graduates and demobilized soldiers, allowing them to be admitted to the universities. "This is an extremely important task, therefore, military units must have special auditoriums for studying."

I am not sure how technically and practically would be possible to organise this, but if PM's quote turns into real, it would be a good contribution to the education field in Armenia and improving morale in Armenian army.

To ensure that this sort of positive changes could happen, more fundamental transformations need to occur in our army. For now, I can’t picture an auditorium within the army units where soldiers would go to study without being mocked by others. For now, this sounds more like a wishful thinking than reality any time soon.


garen said...

It's already been a few month, that PM has been around.
Yet, so far all we hear from the PM is a lot of talk, talk, talk and ideas, visions and more ideas that all seem too sketchy and unfocused. (Remember @nker Banchuni?)

I have many ideas and visions too. For instance, I had an idea for a platform whereby ALL Armenans could share interesting and important information between their friends, their small communities and the broader Armenian world as a whole. Where it will lead to only time will tell. The only difference between me and PM is that I didn't go around making promisses and press releases and publicity stunts, I just sat down and patiently built it myself ;) Even now I don't do any PR or advertising, leaving it to the people -- if people find it practical and usefult they will promote it among their friends. I also have many visions for the future of IT in Armenia (vision Big and Wild, visions not worth talking about at this stage), but what's the point of articulating those visions at this stage if you're not even taking any practcal steps toward it.

What's the point of saying "hop" before you jusmp? So far all that we've been hearing form the PM is these kinds of "hop"s.

PM Banchuni

artmika said...

Both of you are resourceful, with ideas... but, yes, I can clearly see the difference between you two ;)

garen said...

This PM has been around for 3-4 months now, but all that he has been doing is delivering small talk here and there. A lot of air and no results that can be expected anytime soon... He reminds me of Ostap Bender from "12 Chairs" talking about the obscure Vasyuki village becoming the new world capital for chess ;) and hosting the Chess Olympics...

For instance... have you seen this? :

All talk and no substance...

Anonymous said...


u seem educated persons, ga and read couple of new articles on

communicating visions

difference between visionary people vs dictators

And do you live in Armenia and receive information? Could you recall last changes/decisions made in Armenia for the last months? They were more in comparison to around 10 years of the past. resignation of Alvina the forever is more than enough to say Thank You to current PM.

hmmm and FDR was talking and talking and talking everyday to the nation. so garen is better leader compared with FDR.

There was huge deficit of talk in Armenia, elite was acting without saying a word. I understand that garen likes "Muk" type of government members.

garen said...

#4 anonymous,

I don't quite understand what your comment is about.

Sacking Alvina Zakaryan was something that any sensible technocrat wanting to demonstrate ones resolve on corruption on structural level, would have done .. even years ago. Though something tells me that this was a lot to do with the controvercy over the falsified votes in recent 2 elections: May 12, 2007 and Feb 19 2008.

What I'm saying is that the position of PM is a very potent one and a lot more could have been accomplished within these months.

For instance, there have been no significant changes in banking regulations, energy reform and especially the agricultural area, which is what I would expect PM to concern himself with from the first days in the office. What's more, I haven't seen any substantial steps in making govenmets beureucraciecies more efficient and conducive for a hussle-free business environment, while the types of transformations in banking, military and governance that the PM envisions, make a structural reform in government apparatus, a priority.

Anonymous said...

This is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Some people will just denigrate the authorities no matter what. Excuse me, Garen, but what on earth do you know what the PM has or hasn't done?

I happen to think that alot of the talk is very promising, something neither the previous authorities (or opposition for that matter) did much of: instilling hope and come degree of faith in the system.

Opening the government meetings to the public is action, not just talk.

Firing of several officials is action, not just talk.

Addressing customs and tax as two of the obstacles to development has begun (some action, some talk).

Ignorance is bliss, and it is easy to wish for someone else to solve your problems.