Monday, 21 July 2008

Welcome to the White House (Washington, D.C.)


me said...

Pathetic Soros-funded traitors! Don't they understand they're destabilizing the country and helping the enemy win?

parisan said...

//She stands directly in front of the White House; she has been called "The Little Giant", a paradox, a mystery. Concepcion Picciotto is one who stays; through the rain and snow, the arrests, the abuses and threats through the years. Since 1981, Concepcion, or 'Connie' to her friends, has continued a vigil for world peace against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction ; and that she would still be here 26 years later//

from the website :

which I found on your pictures. I found it's worth a visit.

Have a nice day!

Gevorgyan said...

Fatherland at the crossroads:

nazarian said...

gevorgyan, thanks for the link to your blog.