Thursday, 28 August 2008

"US Condemns Russia"

*source: Private Eye
(thanks to R.B. for the link)


artmika said...

More war of words between Russia and US (interview with CNN): Putin acuses US of orchestrating Georgian war to benefit one of its presidential election candidates implying Republican candidate John McCain, of course.

BBC reports on that intervew too.

There were lively discussions on McCain and US neocons factor in this conflict on Unzipped here and here (under comments section)

Ani said...

All I can say is "Go Obama!" The cognitive dissonance in having to decide whether to believe Bush (McCain) or Putin is making me very very dizzy...

me said...

Reluctant as I am to agree with Putin on something,get a load of McCain's latest ad:


Ani said...

That's why they've chosen Sarah Palin as VP candidate: Apparently Russia is planning to take back Alaska, and Sarah's got experience with a gun... (Hope I didn't give Putin any ideas!!)