Saturday, 1 May 2010

Disturbing video: ‘Celebration’ and dancing to mark the Armenian Genocide anniversary in front of Turkish embassy in Washington, D.C.

When I watched this video of 'celebration' of the Armenian Genocide anniversary by a group of apparently Turkish and possibly Azeri Americans or residents (based on the flags on display), I felt disgusted and disturbed.

I may understand when I see group of Turks protesting the Armenian efforts of recognising the Genocide. I will not agree with them, but will understand, as this is what they’ve been told over the decades.

But 'celebration' and dancing to mark the anniversary of deaths, even if you do not believe it?!

And if they were 'welcomed' by the Turkish Ambassador, as ANCA reports, then this was pretty scandalous too.

Those who participated in ‘celebrations’ are sick. Too low, even for hardline nationalists.


Anonymous said...

That is disgusting.

vaguSnervuS said...

sorry to see this. awful. doubt they will ever join EU as long as they hold on to such brutal "values".