Saturday, 12 July 2008

Monika Manucharova, 12, will represent Armenia in Junior Eurovision 2008, Cyprus

In 2007, for the first time, Armenia participated in Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Arevik band performing "Erazanq" ("Dream"). They were pretty successful and delivered an excellent and memorable performance, finishing 2nd after Belarus.

Monika Manucharova, 12, will represent Armenia in this year Junior Eurovision which will take place on 22 November, in Limassol, Cyprus, with her song "Im ergi hnchuny" ("Sounds of my song").

I got immensely touched by her fairy tale-like story as effectively homeless girl from a socially disadvantaged family in Gyumri (her family is homeless and they live with her uncle in his house) coming to the capital Yerevan and winning over the hearts of Armenian TV viewers who selected her out of 10 finalists.

“She came with her mother [from] Gyumri and spent the first couple of nights in the train station because of not having relatives in the capital Yerevan and not being able to afford a hotel room in Yerevan. Few days later, as Manucharova's talent made her to stand out from the other contestants she was noticed and one of the workers of the Armenian TV Radio took Monica and her mother to her house until she could complete the contest. Otherwise they were going to spend the rest of the nights in the train station, reports the Armenian Radio.”
It’s always difficult to be critical to children without hurting their feelings. But if someone decided to represent Armenia, she must be ready for some friendly criticism. She looks lovely, her voice has potential (in fact, quite mature for her age), but... The song itself is a bit boring. I could hardly force myself into listening to it till the end. This song needs to be worked on before the Junior Eurovision. They should come up with some kind of remixed version of it or so, to make it more appealing to the audience they are aiming at.

Good luck, Monika!

*source of photo - esckaz