Thursday, 27 March 2008

Armenia 2008: Return to Stalinism (statement of NGOs)

27 March, 2008

For Immediate Release

Democratic reforms in Armenia resulted in constituting state terror.

In the wake of the lifting of state of emergency the Armenian authorities unleashed a new wave of violence and intimidations. Having adopted Soviet KGB methods, the Armenian police and National Security Service subject unprotected people to organized repressions.

Without any grounding or explanation, citizens are detained in broad daylight and forcibly taken to police stations, thus any occasional person walking by may fall a victim to such violence. Only in the police station is their identity revealed, their participation in March 1 rally attempted to be clarified, they are subjected to psychological pressure and intimidation.

The scale of such violence increases day by day. The Armenian authorities arbitrarily violate constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms of the people.

We urge to immediately cease terror against the people of Armenia

1. "Youth for Democracy" NGO
2. Transparency International Anti-corruption Center NGO
3. "Asparez" Journalists' Club
4. "Krtutyan Asparez" NGO
5. Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Armenian Committee NGO
6. Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office
7. "Huys" NGO
8. "We Plus" NGO
9. "Victims of State Needs" NGO
10. Sksela Youth Movement


Anonymous said...

Your ignorance is laughable. You, your friends, the heads of all these NGO's which you mentioned would be fucking dead or in cyberia if there was a return to stalinism. You are a young, ignorant, inexperienced and extremely radical wannabe who uses very charged, and one sided revolutionary rhetoric to spin reality. It's pathetic. go read your history.

A Return to Stalinism??? hahahah. Clearly you don't have a clue what life was like in Armenia or the soviet union under stalin.

reflective said...

Anonymous is right. Sadly, the whipped-up radical opposition will invoke everything: from Stalin, to the Genocide to Abdul Hamid to continue to stoke emotions.

What kind of a title is this?? ...lazy revolutionaries.

Either work hard and fight through democratic channels to improve the system, or hire an army and destroy Armenia, in which case pls spare the parlor revolutionary complaints that you got a bump on the head while trying a coup.

Anonymous said...

What the NGOs are doing is really democratic.
Excuse my ignorance, will you be kind enough to explain how else to fight against this regime "through democratic channels"? Or do you think Armenia is a paradise of law for us to live.
I am really fed up with your conservative stagnant and stinking notions.

reflective said...

I think that actions should be based on principle, integrity, and effect.

Principle here is good.

Integrity is low. (many of these entities supported LTP who in my estimation did all he could to derail democracy in Armenia, 15 years ago and now).

Effect is low. (continuing to provoke authorities who are proven (for at least the last 17 years) to respond anywhere between awkwardly and brutally depending on your taste will only provoke a greater cycle of anger/hate/reaction. No positive effect.

Instead, realize there is an elected president and soon a government in Armenia, work toward the development of a constructive opposition (for something, not just against against against) and with hard work, in unfair conditions, try and build something. Stay away from discredited people (hint: those who trampled on democracy in the past) and build withg positive energy. In parallel, find those (even few) in government who can be reasoned with, worked with.

There tend to be many more level-headed people with the same goals "on the other side" than either side often wishes to admit.

I think this is a start. Sorry if you don't like my "conservative stink" but it is much more constructive than empty call-to-arms revolution that could very well consume the state.

Anonymous said...

Reflective and anonymous 1.
1.have you ever heard the word
"metaphore" ?
2. ok if u have a problem with stalinism, how about "pinochetism"?
if you think the current system is in any way different from Latin American banana dictatorships, go and read GAbirel Garcia MArquez

reflective said...

Metaphors are ok, anonymous. The problem is that the radical opposition is using horribly erroneous analogies and metaphors to further divide a fractured society.

Of course there are societal ills, both present in the authorities actions and in the opposition.

I simply point you to 1st first comment in this thread, which I happen to think is a proper rejection of the empty rhetoric from this Non-Genuine-Organization collection.