Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Armenia’s second largest city - Gyumri, faces media blackout too, just like the rest of the country

Since 2 March 2008 Armenia’s second largest city, Gyumri is in information blockade too. The only independent local Gala TV station is not issuing news programmes.

According to Gala TV, they had a visit from representatives of the National Security Service who warned them that they could broadcast official information only. Therefore, Gala TV decided to boycott news and will not broadcast news programmes until the state of emergency is lifted.

It must be noted that the ‘state of emergency’ with imposed media blackout formally applies to capital Yerevan only. However, there is no rule of law in Armenia now, as Gala TV journalists said, and they do not want to give additional grounds to close down the only independent TV station in the region which is already facing numerous ‘technical’ challenges from authorities.

*based on Radio Liberty broadcast

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