Thursday, 13 March 2008

Graphic video images of civilian with gunshot injuries (1 March, Yerevan) have been released

Video is released by Armenian Helsinki Association and is available here. (ADULTS ONLY!)

Gunshot injures are alleged to be caused by 5.45 mm Kalashnikov. Another allegation is that bullets banned by international conventions may have been used.


alqimikos said...

PLEASE put this picture under a tag
with a disclaimer. It's definitely "adult content".

artmika said...

I think the title of my post "Graphic video images..." implies exactly what you says. But to stress it more, I will add "Adults only" next to the link.

nazarian said...

Looks like the video has been blocked.

artmika said...

You mean from Armenia?

I just checked and can see it.

nazarian said...

IE opened the link. It was a problem with my FireFox.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is, poor boy :( glad that at least he is still alive.


artmika said...

Help is needed. A1plus followed-up this shocking incident:

"Many people were shocked after seeing Arthur Avagian's photo on our website. The photo was taken in a hospital on the night March1.

Arthur fell a victim to the authorities’ “brilliant operation” on March 1. He still remembers a shining object flying fast in front of him. Then his head shook as if dashing out. He remembers holding his head with his two hands and shouting with all his might hoping to stop the shakes. Then r felt something filling his mouth. He spat out blood and his own teeth. He Arthur doesn’t remember the rest.

Employees of “Armenia” medical centre found Arthur near a sports complex. Arthur was immediately taken to hospital where he underwent a major operation of seven hours’ duration.

Doctors worked wonders and saved Arthur’s life. The epicrisis was awful: “bullet wounds on the face and neck, traumatic shock, submaxillary laceration, rupture of an upper lip and mouth, blemish of tissues, rupture of mucous membrane, fracture of a lower jaw.

In the evening of March 1 Arthur Avagian had gone out to fetch his friends when he was caught “in the meat-grinder” at the intersection of Lusavorich-Zakian streets.

Today Arthur needs a plastic operation to cure severe wounds. Besides, he faces serious problems with eating and speaking.

Arthur needs a serious medical treatment to overcome the psychological stress and restore his health.

Before the disputed events of March 1 Arthur went in for wrestling and had a favourite occupation. Today he is deprived of everything and ill-disposed to his future.

Arthur Avagian, born in 1986, is a goldsmith. He has never taken interest or been engaged in politics. Today he can neither do sports nor work because of a poor health state. Arthur needs a serious treatment. He has to shoulder the burden and keep himself going all alone.

The authorities haven't even made inquiries about Arthur who became invalid as a result of their “fruitful operation.”

March 1 events will continue until we neglect people like Arthur, until the real criminals opening fire at innocent people are left unpunished.

A1+ turns to all specialists in Armenia and overseas who might be helpful to cure Arthur completely and restore him to life. The treatment also suggests financial support.

Help Arthur to rid of the scars reminding him of the March 1 bloody events.

Help our society to recover from the March 1 tragedy.

We are going to open an account. All those who wish to help the poor boy are welcome to have a share.

Follow the news on our [] website."