Thursday, 6 March 2008

John Prescott's "peacemaking mission" in Armenia

When I told someone in London that John Prescott, UK former deputy prime minister, is coming to Yerevan (as a member of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly) to mediate “peace” and defuse Armenia’s political crisis, the answer was quick and straightforward: “You’d rather not want him coming to Armenia”, implying that it is not a good sign that he is chosen to lead “peacemaking mission” and he would most probably fail if not mess up the situation. Do not forget that he was heading PACE’s observation mission in Armenia for presidential election.

And here is how one of Britain’s satirical publications reacted to this news with the headline - John Prescott Wields His Peacemaker In Armenia – and photo (below) of “John Prescott using his peacemaker”.

*see also here


Anonymous said...

He had experience

Anonymous said...

ha ha...well that guy did have a pretty awful mullet! So, i wouldn't send Prescott to Russia in that case, since he obviously doesn't like mullets...;) i get the impression that the 'dimabilan' look is less popular in Armenia though?
Sorry to be so silly about it, i just couldn't resist it...
I've posted again a link to your blog on mine and said it's a good source of information on what's happening there, anyway.