Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Photos of Levon Ter-Petrosyan... surrounded... Liberty sq, 1 March 2008


nazarian said...

Did you see Onnik's comment on the photos? He ignored beatings, arbitrary arrests, human rights violations and focused on the location of the benches.

I sometimes wonder if he has a government job. He is even pro-censorship now.

melo said...

Do you see any human rights violations on these particular photos!
What a nonsense blaming!!!

nazarian said...

melo, the human rights violations had occurred shortly before the pictures being taken.

Onnik Krikorian said...

Wow, amazing. Firstly, I notice Artmika didn't mention the beatings either. Secondly, the beating have been mentioned in other posts by both of us.

As for your accusation it again illustrates the paranoid conspiracy theories that many of Ter-Petrossian's supporters are obsessed with.

That is not democratic. Indeed, it shows a fundamental disregard for the rights of people to think freely and express their opinions.

Besides, everyone accessing this blog knows the context and I obviously give them more credit for their intelligence and knowledge than you do.

Indeed, let me put it simply. I do not support Serge Sargsyan or Levon Ter-Petrossian because both show no regard for the rule of law or democracy.

Your comment clearly illustrates that and Artmika, I do think you should tell people not to make this personal. Your blog, of course, but actually, you just discredit your position re. the opposition in Armenia by allowing such paranoid and unfounded accusations to be made.

Besides, if I were working for the government I wouldn't have sent the BBC's journalist for the region the link to the video of the security services shooting directly in front of them now would I?

Artmika knows I did, but just because I can raise concerns with Levon Ter-Petrossian's campaign does not make me a supporter of the government.

Indeed, I've been critical of the government here since 2000 and especially in 2003 for the presidential election when many of those who decry the election now were not only silent about falsifications, but were also supportive of Kocharian's re-election.

Ironic, and it makes me think that when people describe Ter-Petrossian as a Svengali-type figure and his support base as something similar to a religious cult, they might just be right.

Your words and your inability to allow people their own opinion which manifest itself as accusations and attacks prove that entirely.

Onnik Krikorian said...

And btw: there is nothing stopping you from leaving a comment on my post giving your opinion.

The fact that you instead seem more concerned with attacking and spreading lies says a lot about the undemocratic and almost fascist mindset of some of Ter-Petrossian's most fanatical of supporters.

It's also one of the main reasons why although many Armenians are unhappy with Kocharian and Serge, they will not support Ter-Petrossian either.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry Onnik, you are either with us (part of the cult) or against us (a heathen)."

It is LTP supporters like this that push more and more people toward rationalizing government control.

Makes the Branch Davidian in the US attack look that much more controversial.

artmika said...

Guys, please, do not make personal comments, there are so many insults going on in comments sections in other blogs (that’s the reason why I refrained from actively participating in comments elsewhere, for now), and I certainly do not like turning my blog into something similar. Attack ideas, not persons.

And it is a regrettable sign of our period – lots of suspicions, conspiracy theories… Lets accept that people are different, and their perceptions of reality, life, political processes, photos can be very different. I may not agree with, but everyone has the right to express them, in civilised manner.

Lets concentrate on photos and the ‘story’ behind it. Here is my personal take. These are not just photos of Levon. When I look at these photos, I see the aftermath of devastations and massive human rights violations... and this makes me feel sad… I also see a person, surrounded, a person who spent days and nights with his supporters… This person brought hope for change to thousands who supported him, and to thousands who did not particularly like him but considered him as the only real tool to exercise their rights and demand changes. And this hope that is surrounded now, which makes me feel so sad…

Onnik Krikorian said...

Like I said in my posts on yours, these photos are remarkable. In fact, they strike me as iconic in a way.

Anonymous said...

These photos are very very sad. Here is a man who was the first President of Armenia and here he looks like bomzh or a homeless. Onnik called it "iconic". Could be true. But for me he looks like a monster stripped of his powers by a magic stick.

Levon.,... Never again will you destroy the Armenian nation!

Onnik Krikorian said...

Well, I'm not a big fan of Levon to say the least, but I do admit that I'm somehow impressed by his resilience in refusing to move his ground until the police presented a warrant or whatever it was he said he needed before moving.