Friday, 7 March 2008

State of emergency unlawfully imposed to Armenian regions

State of Emergency is in the Whole Republic

Helsinki Citizens' Assembly, Vanadzor, Armenia

7 March 2008

After declaring state of emergency in Yerevan, people from non-capital regions fell into information blockade. Taking into consideration the current conditions, HCA Vanadzor tried to exercise its rights by RA Constitution, laws and legal mechanisms existing within international commitments.

1. In order to inform Vanadzor citizens, HCA Vanadzor decided to organize a rally according to RA law “On Conducting meetings, assemblies, rallies and demonstrations.” On March 3rd 2008, HCA Vanadzor applied to the municipality for getting a permission to hold a rally on March 6-8. But the municipality rejected justifying that the rally might jeopardize the health and life of people.

2. Then HCA Vanadzor tried to publish a special issue of “Civil Initiative” newspaper. Necessary articles were prepared but this time the director of the printing-house was ordered from Lori regional administration not to print the newspaper.

Therefore, in the condition of state of emergency, local self-governmental and state governmental bodies violate human rights and fundamental freedoms in other regions through using administrative resources and pressure on entities running economic activities. In fact, in these conditions they make us work outside legal field so that they are able then to call us to responsibility for violating unwritten laws.

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