Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Why Dashnaktsutyun joined the coalition government?

*Thanks to N.H.!


Anonymous said...

that's just great!
Did you hear that the one of the Hay Dat groups in Canada, has condemned the violence in Tibet by the Chinese authorities.
I wonder how long do we have to wait to hear their position on the Armenian events.
Unfortunately I don't have a link,
some of my friends said they heard it on radion liberty.
If you know anything about that it would be a great topic to post.

artmika said...

If that is true (re Tibet), that would be a perfect example of hypocrisy. In that case, they would deserve even more mocking. So far have not come across with the formal announcement or link. If find anything proving that claim, will post it for sure.

reflective said...

I think it is a big step forward that even those with differences can decide to try and make changes from within. What is so remarkable about that? Spend some time in European countries and examine their parliaments and/or government compositions. Did any of you shout in horror when Heritage joined and continues to participate in parliament? Of course not. It is s good phenomenon. Stop the blind hatred witch hunt and smear campaign against all that are against the few who choose revolution rather than evolution.

Anonymous said...

Reflective, there is a big difference between a party being represented in Parliament and a party joining the government.

artmika said...

I’d like to add to what Myrthe says.

Heritage is the only party in Armenian parliament that deserves my respect. During this whole period they proved that what they aim for is human rights and democracy regardless of political sides.

Reflective, in a European country where I spent enough time in, they would have used much harsher satire under similar circumstances.

As to your accusations of “witch hunt”, wrong address!

reflective said...

Myrthe and Artmika - I agree that there is a difference. I didn't mean to imply that the government and parliament are the same. But I do wish to underscore that the political assessment of the situation and of the players is often degenerated to: "if with opposition, good; if with authorities, evil."

As cooler heads prevail, I am glad that different groups find different ways to try and bring about improvements in the process and in the state structures themselves. And the majority of these ways involve long and tiresome work.

Happily more and more of the various factions rightfully look with doubt at individuals who show up weeks before an election with the arguable intention of wishing to participate in the democratic process.

Nejdeh said...

Երեւան (Երկիր) - ՀՅԴ Կանադայի Հայ Դատի հանձնախումբը դատապարտել է Տիբեթում անզեն վանականների եւ քաղաքացիների դեմ կիրառված բռնությունը: Հանձնախումբն անընդունելի է համարում այն փաստը, որ Տիբեթի ժողովրդի հանդեպ ուժ է գործադրվում այն բանի պատճառով, որ նրանք արտահայտում են իրենց դժգոհությունը Չինաստանի կառավարությունից, որը պարտավոր է Տիբեթի բնակչությանը ավելի մեծ կրոնական ու քաղաքական ազատություն ապահովել:

Հանձնախումբը կոչ է անում զսպվածություն ցուցաբերել եւ վերջին 50 տարիների բարդ հարաբերությունները Չինաստանի եւ Տիբեթի միջեւ կարգավորել երկխոսության եվ բանակցությունների միջոցով: Հանձնախումբը, ի դեմս նախագահ Ժիրայր Բասմաջյանի, իր ցավակցություն է հայտնում Տիբեթի բնակչությանը անմեղ զոհերի կապակցությամբ:

What a kind-hearted approach! Maybe yet they have not received the news from Armenia?!

artmika said...

Thanks, Nejdeh!

Definitely deserves new post. Will do it as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

here is the ANC canada press release on Tibet.

artmika said...

Thanks for the link. Just noticed that Nazarian already made relevant post:

"The Hay Dat committee in Canada has condemned the violence in Tibet and the use of force against the civilians. They even offer their condolences to the Tibetans who lost their lives. At the same time, they, and the rest of the Armenian organizations that claim to represent the Armenian interests in the West, have been mum on the similar actions by the government in Armenia. There is nothing wrong with supporting the plight of the Tibetans but they are using double standards.

I want to reiterate my suggestion to boycott these organizations. Once we hit their pockets, they are sure to change their tune and actually start thinking about the best interest of Armenia."

Anonymous said...

from what you write, I can conclude that you are very far from Yerevan, and may be even haven't been there for a long time.
But if you are there, why don't you just go to the Northern Avenue around 18:30, and see how police is arresting people for "illegal walks".
Then maybe you will find out who the real witch hunters are.

reflective said...

No thanks, no need to go anywhere at 18:30 to see the obvious.

Time to move on, get back to work, and do the hard work to improve the system, not machinate/masquerade on how to bring it down.

I take part in demonstrations with positive purpose (not to destroy), because I believe in my leaders (not because I am fueled by racist hate of others) and because I believe I'll have an effect (not just to protest for the sake of it, or to fulfill others' agendas.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Self-styled "reflective" says: "no need to...see the obvious."

Correct: Just keep your head stuck in the sand. Keep ignoring the obvious, and it'll stop existing.

Let the grown ups who know the difference between a brute mobster and a real leader handle the situation.

As for the ARF of Armenia, the poster's caption says it all: "Because it's a good fit." Unbelievable, they missed how else that statement can be read. The guys handing out the bars of soap last year should have saved them.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing constructive going on in this consolidation of power structures, even IF for a delusional moment, we are to believe that this is really a case of "different groups" finding "different ways". This is one of Serzh's fundamental mistakes; he insists the way out of this is to form a coalition government, give everyone a post, and live happily ever after.

A democracy cannot be forged, it cannot survive, without a healthy opposition to the ruling regime, and by this coalition, the opposition is effectively eliminated. The only way this would work is if after joining the coalition, OEK, HYD, and others were allowed to still voice their discontent with the way things were, and suggest improvements, but actually, giving up their anti-Serzh/Robik rhetoric and stance is one of the pre-conditions of joining the coalition. So if before, for example, Arthur Baghdasarian was screaming to high heavens about electoral fraud, about lack of freedom and dignity,about corruption, now he's blaming LTP of "inciting hate" for saying the exact same things he was saying before the elections. How is this a "coalition" government when they are all saying the exact same thing? Isn't the point to have a diversity of opinion/plans?

If Levon had joined this farce,then you'd have exactly what you had before: one power in charge, without any checks/balances on its activities, because he would obviously have obedient and stick to the party line.

Thankfully, he didn't, and just as unfortunately, others did, and now you have a coalition in power who insists that Hayastan@ hastatun kaylerov sharjvum e depi paytsar apaga, and people discontent with authority are a trivial minority of thugs and criminals. I fail to see how this is progress.

reflective said...

It is progress in that LTP was never poised to be constructive opposition. He was simply against: hate RK, hate SS, hate the system, hate the electoral process. Sow hatred, collect the dissatisfied to get red of those in power.

He never campaigned for Feb 19; he prepared for Feb 20, knowing that even if they wanted to, the authorities couldn't pull off a perfect election.

This is not a constructive oppositionist. He couldn't be bothered to create a political party, couldn't be bothered to run in parliamentary elections.

This is progress insofar that soon LTP will be (finally) removed from the political scene and finally Armenians can get to the business of developing a real opposition with a real leader who can rally people around him/her FOR something rather than AGAINST the very phenomenon that he created.

Like Obama says, it is about Hope... [and not HATE].

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Self-styled "reflective": To even hear a craven Kocharian crony like you even mention Obama's name is nauseating.

His erstwhile adviser, Samantha Power, was so honest as to admit that the genocide took place. Your daddy, Kocharian, is going to use that memory to get future refugees to move into his money laundered, front-company-construction-firms built houses.

You're a mob-boss crony that isn't worth a hair follicle off of Samantha Power.

When you open your mouth, worms come out, you lying bastard. Gna Merri.

reflective said...

Ari sirem.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Ko nman ser@, 8 mart spanav.