Sunday, 2 March 2008

Armenians under information blockade

Armenians are now under total information blockade. Only state sponsored information is reaching its citizens under the "state of emergency" rule.

Radio Liberty broadcast has been blocked today in Armenia. I was able to listen it via internet, but Armenian citizens were not able to do so, and after the broadcast I called my friends/family to provide updates.

I have to say Bravo, Radio Liberty! which defied censorship and provided up-to-date information on events including statements and interviews with opposition representatives.

I am now preparing materals based on important info provided by Radio Liberty and will publish it asap.


Ani said...

The informative, even if pro-opposition website has "been disappeared." Let's hope it's only temporary, but it is disquieting. There is a fairly thorough report on from RFE/RL that includes Ter-Petrosian's demands--I haven't read it elsewhere.

artmika said...

It is more than disquieting. We should do whatever possible, try any means possible to breake this 'blockade' which I hope is temporary too.

Just posted two important reports based on Radio Liberty broadcast:

Levon Ter-Petrosyan: Ruling regime went for violent crackdown of opposition movement in Armenia to prevent Constitutional Court decision over election

Police disperse attempt to rally in Gyumri, Armenia, and assault local journalists

Ani said...

This also needs not to be buried--it refers to something that happened a couple of days earlier and fits with the trumped-up scenario at dawn on March 1:

National Security Service of Armenia forced to admit sending agents to opposition rally
Armenia’s National Security Service acknowledged that the two men detained in Yerevan’s Liberty Square for allegedly urging opposition supporters to resort to violence were its employees, Radio Liberty Armenian service reports....

artmika said...

Media blackout in Armenia, Internet is censored

Committee to Protect Journalists: Armenian authorities should immediately free media and internet